The Brain is an Organ Like No Other

The brain is a relatively static organ when it comes to structure and cell reproduction. It is a very active organ when it comes to function. The cells of the brain must produce energy to create a continuous flow of impulses and neurotransmitters. So, the brain needs oxygen, sugar and substances that help produce cellular energy.

When you hold your breath, it doesn’t take long to feel lack of oxygen in your brain. When your blood sugar gets too low you feel it in your brain. Other tissues don’t respond the same way. Muscles and many organs can be made to function long after you pass out. That’s why people can be rescued with CPR, etc. So, when we think of the brain we need to think of both immediate function and long term brain health.

A strong heart that pushes blood efficiently is important to brain health (exercise). Open blood vessels are important for brain health (Bioflavonoids and vitamin C). Robust cellular metabolism is important (B vitamins, minerals and CoQ10).

Nutritional Recommendations for a Healthy Brain

Depression: Symplex F or M (6), Min-chex (6), Niacinamide B6 (3)

Dementia: Linum B6 (3), Neuroplex (6), OPC Synergy (3), Super EFF (3)

Brain Dysfunction: Neuroplex (6), Organically bound minerals (6)

Brain Concussion: Neuroplex (6), Cataplex ACP (6), Cataplex G (3), Phosfood (20 Drops)

Memory Loss: Ginkgo Synergy (4), RNA (3)m Cataplex B (3), Neuroplex (3)

Due to the number of products we will need to special order what you need.