I’m doing this guest post as an appreciation to Applied Chiropractic and Dr. Foote for following CDC procedures during my recent visit for an adjustment.

First, I know that many individuals, businesses, and even some health care providers, are being lax about this issue. So when I arrived at Dr. Foot’s office I was a bit cautious, as I haven’t been since February 2020 or before. Here’s how the visit went:

  • Dr. Foote requests not to come early for the appointment so that there is less chance of interacting with other patients. Also for that reason, I learned that the practice only schedules one patient every half hour, which is far fewer patients than was typical for Dr. Foote’s pre-COVID schedule.
  • When I did arrive, the first thing I noticed was the sign on the door asking me to wear a mask.
  • Dr. Foote, also wearing a mask, took my temperature, and asked me screening questions before I was allowed to enter the treatment area. Naturally, I am grateful for this, not offended.
  • He then asked me to wash my hands and I observed that he washed his in a different area.
  • We both wore our masks during the entire treatment, and Dr. Foote placed a gown between his garments and mine when he was performing the adjustment (this is again according to regulations, as Coronavirus can be passed from fabric to fabric).
  • After the treatment, I watched as Dr. Foote immediately used disinfecting wipes to clean the treatment table, chair, and doorknobs. He even sprayed disinfectant on the computer where he takes notes and consults patient records.
  • We then both washed our hands again and returned to the reception area, which has been fitted with sneeze guards between the receptionist and the arriving patients.
  • Hand sanitizer and surface cleaner were conveniently located wherever office staff or patients would be present to make sanitization easy and convenient.

I pay close attention to the progress of this dangerous disease in our valley, and I’m glad Dr. Foote does as well. He told me during the visit that he has had patients describe to him battles they have waged against COVID at home, where they were diagnosed by their doctor based on symptoms, and their cases were reported to the health department but never showed up in the case count. It stands to reason that the illness is more frequent than the numbers indicate, and therefore Dr. Foote’s procedures are not a waste of time and effort.

I felt very safe going to Dr. Foote’s office and appreciate that he cares about my health and well being.