A sluggish liver is often associated with arthritis, joint pain and joint stiffness. 

The liver and gallbladder are two separate organs that rely on each other, but have separated functions.  The gall bladder is a storage pouch for bile which is created by the liver in the middle of the night, when it’s daily work is done. 

The food that we eat is a combination of protein, starches and fats.  The starches start digestion in the mouth and the protein starts digestion in the stomach.  The fats liquefy at body temperature and coat all the food particles, creating an oily shield.  The enzymes that continue the digestion of starches and proteins are water soluble and can’t react with the food until the oil is removed. 

Removing oils is the function of the gallbladder and the stored bile.  It emulsifies the fat and strips it off the food.  If this doesn’t happen we have a maldigestion syndrome and we begin to slowly starve our cells.  We stay alive by eating starches and sugar.

The liver is a powerhouse for chemical manufacture and waste product clean up.  On some level we understand that the heart, lungs, kidneys work 24 hours a day.  Well, so does the liver, but we never see the results.  We need to feed the liver.  One of the things the liver need is sulfur containing amino acids.  That’s why liver supplements generally smell of sulfur.  Once the toxic wastes are attached to the sulfur containing amino acid they are sent to the gallbladder, where it is delivered to the colon for removal.  The product for the liver is LIVAPLEX (2 with each meal).

If we have gallstones they may block the exit from the gallbladder and not only do we not digest our food to feed our cells, but we get a backup of waste materials.  If the sulfur comes out in your skin, if your stool lacks color or if your stool floats, you have a blocked gallbladder. 

Supplement tips

We have good experience with Standard Process supplements.

Their product for the gallbladder is AF BETAFOOD (3 with each meal).  It will gradually dissolve the gall stones. 

For a sluggish liver, take BETACOL (1 after each meal).