Remember, A Chiropractor Can’t Undo All Of Your Dietary Choices

The effect that sugar has on our bodies is a vast subject.  Let’s start at the most basic level.  Cells control internal metabolic reactions by opening and closing gates in the cell membrane to allow specific chemicals to enter the cell.  One of the substances that enter and exit is water.  The concentration of ions and chemicals in the cell have to be at the proper concentration or too much of some molecules or water will flow in the cell.  If the ions are too much outside of the cell water will flow out.  Sugar causes an imbalance of water and affects all chemical reactions within the calls. 

Sugar can kill bacteria, what about you?

When we make jam we preserve the fruit from bacteria with sugar which alters the water content of the bacteria so it dies.  In our bodies sugar can be such a problem that we have a system in place to control sugar in the blood and in the tissues.  That is the insulin response system.  Too much sugar in and around the cells will cause death. 

Sugar becomes fat

The excess sugar that is removed from the blood stream is made safe by converting it to fat.  Controlling blood sugar requires a mineral called chromium.  Chromium is found in all sweet plants, except those refined and processed.  When we run low on chromium and other minerals we can’t handle sugar well.  Some cells that are damaged by excess sugar (nerves, kidneys, eyes) are permanently damaged and that is why diabetics have problems with these organs. 

There is a lot of science behind types of sugar, which organs are most effected etc.  First cut down on all types of sugar and then take Diaplex (1-3 after each meal) and Cataplex GTF (chromium) (1-2 with each meal) to help with sugar metabolism.